king leather sleigh bed

Two Motifs of Leather Sleigh Bed

Leather sleigh bed is kind of sleigh bid which is combined with leather and it makes the decoration inside of your bedroom becomes more classic. As you know that there are two types of sleigh bed, the first type is sleigh bed with leather and the second one fabric sleigh bed. No matter the sleigh bed is leather or fabric, those are going to make your bedroom gets a different […]

exterior sliding door hardware

The Functions of Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding door hardware is kind of hardware which supports the sliding door becomes more useful. If there is no hardware on sliding door, the door definitely cannot be a sliding door because there is no hardware which supports the door becomes slide. Even though hardware of sliding door sounds useless, the hardware of sliding door has many functions which support the door to make it becomes more useful. Actually, there […]

wrought iron bed frames

Characteristic of Sleigh Bed Frame

Sleigh bed frame is kind of frame especially for sleigh bed, and it is going to make your bedroom becomes more incredible than before. Maybe you have ever seen many kinds of bed frame before, but sleigh bed has a unique frame which makes your bedroom looks so beautiful and stylish at the same time. Just like the name, the frame of sleigh bed looks like a sleigh of horse, […]

white tufted sleigh bed

Contemporary and Classic Tufted Sleigh Bed

Tufted sleigh bed is king of sleigh bed which has a tufted motif on the bed and it is going to make your bedroom looks so incredible than before. Maybe you have known many kinds of sleigh bed before, but sleigh bed with tufted makes your bedroom looks so cute and incredible at the same time. Besides, the combination between sleigh look and tufted motif makes the bed gets an […]

king sleigh bed frame

Fabric and Wooden Sleigh Bed King

Sleigh bed king is kind of bed which looks like a sleigh and it makes your bedroom gets an amazing look all the time. When you want to choose sleigh bed kings, you should know about the best bedroom decoration which is suitable for the sleigh bed. Why? Because there are some sleigh bed kings with a different style whether it is classic or contemporary. That is why you have […]