sliding patio doors with blinds

Sliding Door Blinds Especially for Balcony

Sliding door blinds are kinds of blind which are used to cover the sliding door becomes more beautiful. Anyway, the function of blind is to cover the sliding door or maybe the window so that the sunshine cannot come in inside the room. But, nowadays many people use blinds not only to protect the sliding door from sunshine, but also it is used to make the sliding door looks beautiful […]

sliding barn door plans

Sliding Barn Doors for Exterior and Interior

Sliding barn doors are kinds of sliding door which have barn style and it is going to make the decoration at your home becomes rustic more and more. As you know that barn style is a rustic style which is taken from the real barn. When you want to make the exterior and interior at your home becomes more beautiful, sliding barn door is the best choice. By the way, […]

sliding patio door parts

French and Glass Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are kinds of sliding door which are used especially for patio, and it makes the decoration around the patio becomes more beautiful. When you want to use a sliding door at your patio, you have to know about the theme of your patio. Why? Because you have to combine the sliding door style with patio background at your home. If you can combine the door with the […]

sleigh beds queen with drawers

Metal and Wooden Sleigh Beds Queen

Sleigh beds queen are kinds of sleigh bed which have small size and the sleigh beds have a smaller size rather than sleigh beds king. It means when you have a small bedroom at your home and you want to make it becomes more beautiful, sleigh bed queen is the best choice for you. As you know that a sleigh bed is typically with big curve on the bed, but […]

king leather sleigh bed

Two Motifs of Leather Sleigh Bed

Leather sleigh bed is kind of sleigh bid which is combined with leather and it makes the decoration inside of your bedroom becomes more classic. As you know that there are two types of sleigh bed, the first type is sleigh bed with leather and the second one fabric sleigh bed. No matter the sleigh bed is leather or fabric, those are going to make your bedroom gets a different […]